Often times, you want to offer your users other ways to interact with your package. A common usecase is to give a REST API in your package to handle data.

For Laravel-FAQ I originally wanted a nice Single Page App interface for the front-end. In preparation for this, I worked to create a flexible REST API for the future when I may want to add this functionality.

To start, create a route group prefixed with 'api' within one of your customizable route groups. While this could be customizable with a configuration option, I'm choosing to opt into some convention in order to tame somethings in. Similarly, to reduce headaches later we will use raw Route::get, Route::post, and Route::delete to handle our various actions and give us the ability to reference them using route('laravel-faq::api.questions.*').

So our route group looks a bit like this:

Route::group(array('prefix' => 'questions'), function()
	Route::get('/', array('uses' => 'Rtablada\LaravelFaq\Api\QuestionsController@index'));
	Route::get('all', array('uses' => 'Rtablada\LaravelFaq\Api\QuestionsController@all'));

	Route::post('/', array('uses' => 'Rtablada\LaravelFaq\Api\QuestionsController@store'));

	Route::get('search', array('uses' => 'Rtablada\LaravelFaq\Api\QuestionsController@search'));

	Route::get('{id}', array('uses' => 'Rtablada\LaravelFaq\Api\QuestionsController@show'));
	Route::delete('{id}', array('uses' => 'Rtablada\LaravelFaq\Api\QuestionsController@delete'));

Now we just need to look at our controller:

<?php namespace Rtablada\LaravelFaq;

use Rtablada\LaravelFaq\Repositories\FaqRepository;
use View, Session, Redirect, Input, Config;

class QuestionsController extends BaseController
	protected $faqRepo;

	public function __construct(FaqRepository $faqRepo)
		$this->faqRepo = $faqRepo;

	public function index()
		$faqs = $this->faqRepo->paginate();

		return View::make('laravel-faq::home', compact('faqs'));

	public function create()
		$input = Session::getOldInput();

		return View::make('laravel-faq::questions.create', compact('input'));

	public function store()
		$input = Input::all();

		if ($this->faqRepo->create($input)) {
			Session::flash('success', 'Your Question Has Been Updated');
			return Redirect::route('laravel-faq::index');
		} else {
			return Redirect::back()->withInput();

	protected function setupViews()
		$paths = Config::get('laravel-faq::views.paths');

		foreach ($paths as $path) {

Quick and easy right? The thing to remeber is that Package Developmnet really isn't much different than developing a regular Laravel Application! It just requires a few extra steps and decisions to add that extra layer of flexibility to make it easy to plug and play in your next project.