Hey guys, it's been a while since I have written something up and just wanted to give you a heads up on what I have been working on.

Recently, I have been working on integrating Ember.js into Laravel applications. Unfortunately, this has been a more difficult application than I originally thought (though well worth the effort). If you are unfamiliar with Ember.js, I suggest watching these two videos

  1. Ember Cage Match - A good show of how elegant and simple Ember.js can be despite all of the flame wars on Reddit and HackerNews
  2. Building an App with Ember - Tom Dale shows a great way to build a simple blog reader!

After toying with the idea of working with Ember.js, I decided to take the plunge. Sadly, most of the development seems to kept a bit close to the chest. Also, I am commonly refered to the Mantra of "What would Discourse do". As a non-Rails developer I have a hard time decyphering where Discourse is doing things and what all of the strange monkey patch syntax is doing. Not to mention, Discourse is a HUGE app!

So, I have started to work on some more practical examples in Laravel that get the point across of how to build Ember apps without having to use Ember-Rails.

The first of these projects is Todo-Ember-Laravel which uses @kdocki's Laravel asset pipeline and raw Eloquent syntax to show some of the gotchas when working without Rails-serializer. This project is a great intro as Ember newcomers can follow along with the Getting Started Guide as we create the same application, but powered by a SQLite database using Laravel and the RESTAdapter.

As I have found a lack of information on how to structure more relational applications, I am also working on a Ember Walkthrough series that will create an app that lets you create orders with many items, deal with totaling those items and much much more.