For the past year, I have been battling with trying to get cell service in my home and place of work. After a year of logging and reporting low signal, dropped calls, and slow data. From this, I was finally able to make time to go into the AT&T store and purchase a MicroCell to try and amplify the signal as suggested by AT&T.

Once I had purchased and hooked up my Microcell, I attempted to follow the activation process using both the instructions from the setup guide provided with the hardware and the online guides. Both of these pointed me to go to

When clicking on the activate process, I was directed to login which I followed through with. I was then redirected not to the microcell activation page, but a random order status page for an order which after confirming with the other family members on the account was listed as shipping even though all orders have been completely fulfilled in store.

Trying to see if maybe the login process was just breaking, I attempted to go back to the microcell home page and click on activate. This only brought me back to the login page: even though I was already logged in and had used the "Remember Me" option.

Then I attempted to try other browsers and devices (Chrome 36.0.1985.143, Safari 7.0.5, and Firefox Aurora 32.0a2 on OSX 10.9.4, Safari and Chrome on iOS, Chrome and Firefox stable on Linux) same effect.

After going back to the support site I was recommended to contact live online chat. The chat log in full is listed here:

Please wait for a chat agent to respond. Your current wait time is ‘3’ minutes.

You are now chatting with 'Christine B.'

Ryan Tablada: When I log in to manage/activate the microcell which I purchased in store on Saturday, I am brought to a page that says"Order Status Detail" instead of the activation screen as listed in the help guide

Account Verification stuff

Christine B.: Log into the Premier web site.

Christine B.: Click on Manage tab, under Manage tab you will find a sub menu 'Account Management'.

Christine B.: Under the 'Account Management' drop down click on 'View Account Information'.

Christine B.: Now enter the wireless number.

Christine B.: Then after that scroll it down then you can see the Image of Mircocell then click the get started

Ryan Tablada: When trying to login to the Premier site, it is saying that the account is an IRU account. And when logging in under the personal account settings, it lists it as a business account.

Christine B.: Thank you for waiting. I'll be with you in just a moment.

Christine B.: For device support tutorials, please go to the following website:

Christine B.: Or you can call our Customer Care (AT&T Mobility) at 800-331-0500 from Mon-Sun: 7am-10pm ET for further assistance.

Ryan Tablada: I have followed the troubleshooting and setup guides. When logging in through the I am redirected to order status rather than the microcell activation screen

Christine B.: Try to call our Customer Care Department so can talk to our trusted professional.

Ryan Tablada: I am using chat because I do not have sufficient cell service, in my apartment which is why I am trying to activate the Microcell

Christine B.: I apologize for the inconvenience

Christine B.: Did you try to clear your cache or change browser?

Ryan Tablada: Yes, I have tried 4 different browsers on 3 different devices

Christine B.: I will be right with you.

Christine B.: Try to restart your computer

Ryan Tablada: I have tried restarting my computer and using different machines.

Ryan Tablada: Please submit a ticket with your web team as I believe that it is a bug in the login system.

Christine B.: Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be able to answer that question, because we are only specialized in web navigation. I suggest better call our Customer Care Department.

Ryan Tablada: Please also report to your administrator that I was very displeased with this chat experience

Christine B.: Am so sorry for the inconvience.

Christine B.: Have I fully resolved your issue today?

Ryan Tablada: WHAT? NO? Have I been transfered to someone else for every sentence of this support chat? Clearly, we have covered that my problem was not solved.

Ryan Tablada: WHAT? NO? Have I been transfered to someone else for every sentence of this support chat? Clearly, we have covered that my problem was not solved.

Christine B.: Please do understand that our scope is only specialized in site navigation and we only have limited scope. But not to worry the department that I will refer to you can be able to help you with your concern. and that will be the Customer Care. Again, I'm sorry if I can't be able to assist you.

Christine B.:

Christine B.: We have not heard from you. Do you wish to continue the chat?

Christine B.: Since I have not heard from you in a while, I will need to close the chat due to business needs.  If you require further assistance, please start a new chat by using the click to chat tile. Thank you for choosing AT&T Premier Support.  We appreciate your business.

As you can see, the recommended chat was a waste of my time and unhelpful. The support technician was not even able to bubble up a support ticket to have the web team look at the problem.

After over an hour of no progress following instructions, I started trying to google hunt.

I found a legacy version of the microcell site: Clicking on the activate button, I was finally able to get to the activation screen (since I was already logged in). Finally, I was able to activate my device and I am now waiting for the final signal connection.

By the time this was done, I had been tweeted at by the customer support twitter that I talke to and I am sending this post to them.

Trying to log in and see the status of my activation, I was once again brought to the order status page (even when trying to use the legacy site).

Here's to hoping that after all of this headache, my Microcell will actually work and get me signal in my apartment. I hope that AT&T solves their online support to actually be helpful. And I hope that the issues with the login system for the Microcell site is resolved.