Ok, so arguably, a blog that is usually about development nonsense with pictures of Gorn is probably the wrong audience for a soapbox on my own frustration (but isn't that what ranting is all about anyways? So, without further ado: on with the show!

I am incredible fed up with some of the seemingly light hearted garbage floating out there making fun of serious relationships and marriage. These pseudo-meme-like rubbish posts writing off relationships are running rampant. And, it would be one thing if they were all coming from that guy that only speaks in clichés at the bachelor party, but it's usually not coming from the skeptic, the devorcé, or even the sarcastic married acquaintances (not that I would value it much more if it was).

That Guy That Only Speaks in Clichés

See, the problem is that it is coming from a lot of people who are at hard points in their lives when it comes to relationships. To say these people had become burnt out would be highly missing the mark. In fact, many of these friends are highly invested in the eventual hope of being in a committed and incredible marriage or relationship. So, to this, it raises a question of why it matters that much to me?

When I see these posts, knowing the heart behind them, it really tears at me because I know they are hurting their own self confidence. For the girl or guy that is having a tough time in a stage of waiting, searching, or whatever you would like to call it, it is a bit of a hit to their own confidence. No matter the amount of jest behind it, there is a bit of sinking fear that goes into sending out a message to the world that states something along the lines of "marriage is a mistake". I believe there is a psychological tie between what we joke in passing and what we fear might eventually be true for our lives.

And this really does rip at my heartstrings when I see those that I care about so frivolously knock down their own hopes and aspirations. And to be honest, I am quick to be wrecked by the thought of this self-abuse by others while ignoring it in myself. So I urge us as a community, put the funny post back, don't send it, in fact ignore the source of it in the future! STOP ATTACKING YOUR OWN DREAMS WITH YOUR DARKEST FEARS!

Side note - If you are a full on skeptic, keep being real to yourself, but be somewhat tasteful in recognizing the affect you could have on the dreams of those around you