If you have tried catching up with me since graduating University you may have been a found me off-putting and surrounding in mystery. I apologize for any guise of either shady deals in dark lit rooms or hours of playing World of Warcraft (which coincidentally also usually occurs in dark lit rooms). The truth is that neither of these come close to the reality of the past six months. I had to hold my cards a bit close to the chest and today, I have decided to show some of my hand.

The truth is that I have been working to start a software company (not too surprising if you've talked to me). However, the mystery comes into exactly what I've been doing to make this a reality.

I began the year starting a web-development consulting company focusing on Non-Profits. While I found this an incredible opportunity, it was not quite the fit for me. I rounded out the first quarter of the year cleaning up the wake of this consulting business and started looking at more of a product approach to the same sector. From this, I began to work on my first bootstrapped software solution for Non-Profits: iOffertory.

Taking my experience as a web developer in combination with my experience with PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliance, it was only inevitable that I would create a donation tool. My goal was to simplify the donation process for everyone involved in order to maximize donation potential for all non-profits. After months of research and development, I am now proud to say that iOffertory is now in the phase of accepting its first client Organizations and Donors. It is an exciting and stressful time that I would love for you guys to come along for the ride. In the next few months, I will be posting insights from the process of creating my business, the development process, and anything that may come along.

If you are involved in a Non-Profit that would like to know how iOffertory could help you maximize your donation potential and engage your donors, get in touch with me at ryan@ioffertory.com.