I am writing today to say that I am having to postpone the release of the EmberGrep course "From Zero To Prototype". While doing a set of QA and production review this morning, I had to make the decision that in its current state, the course does not meet the standards that I have set and promised to you the customer.

Current State of the Course

The video lessons for the course have been completed, recorded, edited, and even loaded to the various CDNs that I am using to distribute and stream the video. While running these videos through QA, I noticed that the audio levels were not quite up to par, and on two occasions, I was a bit heavy handed with editing and skipped a step of clarification.

In conjunction with the videos, I have lesson notes, file changes, and external links. However, for many of the videos, these lesson notes are direct edits of the script used when recording the screencasts. While this may have been sufficient for some courses, I set my own standard where the lesson notes should be tailored to expand upon and amplify the screencast rather than simply reiterate the script.

I am currently working on reediting and mixing the screencasts and reviewing the attached interactive and text resources to go along with the lessons.

Why This Is Coming So Late

EmberGrep is a passion project of mine and after fighting to hit the pre-signup release date last Thursday, I had planned to push myself to do the same to make today's deadline. However, in this push, I found more bugs and inconsistancies than I had planned for.

In this time, I focused on securing and correcting some of the few remaining bugs on the embergrep site and underlying content delivery system. When I began noticing inconsistancies with the production value and standards of the lessons themselves, I began thinking of various solutions including releasing the lessons for the course over a period of time rather than as a single unit.

However, after much consideration, I did not feel that this would be fair to you as the audience as I believe that from day one, you should have an enjoyable experience that meets the standards that I have advertised.

What Happens Now?

I am hard at work trying to figure out a release date that will allow the full production and writing needed to make this course meet and exceed the advertised specs and polish. As things progress, I will keep you updated through the EmberGrep twitter account and EmberGrep newsletter (you can sign up at on embergrep.com).

Thank you for your patience,